May 24, 2011
I hope our experience will encourage you to make a plan that you hopefully
never have to use. We did not have a plan and learned the hard way.
5:35pm - The tornado from about a mile away
Barn before, then after
Special thanks to:
Our family and friends that helped so much
Pat and Larry Eastridge of Eastridge Farms
Becky Schulz of Redrock Miniature Horse Farm
Everyone that offered their place to board horses
Everyone that gave us donations that helped with our vet bills
The Red Cross and all the community that brought food, water, gloves,rakes....
Dr Michael Wiley and the other unknown veterinarians that helped
Our Garage
Lessons Learned
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or other good tips I can pass along
I have a Free presentation I give on Disaster Preparedness if you belong to a horse club that is
interested.  Contact me for information
Old barn where some
broodmares and foals were
T-Post and barn roof
wrapped around broken tree